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we are an easter people

an easter people













And the Easter person?
Gets that little itch,
behind your garden boot,
near your secateur trigger,
off the rake’s handle,
by the soil-spiculed-spade tip,
to go out into your garden of rebirth,
even when the late winter wind says no.
We are an Easter people,
not by choice or faith or creed
but by necessity of digging
tenderly beside that budding bulb
enjoying sun’s lengthening…
from “Easter People” in I am Keats as you are by Glenn Peirson]
my husband gave me this Moai head replica the other day because of my long time fascination with the Easter Island gods. I hadn’t made the connection with Glenn’s poem until then… en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moai#/media/File:AhuTongariki.JPG


PRESS RELEASE – I am Keats as you are

PRESS RELEASE: I am Keats as you are by GLENN PEIRSON; December 2010
Edited and compiled by Mary Peirson and Ellyn Peirson


I am Keats as you are: one man’s journey to final enlightenment.

In his immortal spirit, … as free
As the sky-searching lark, and as elate.
Minion of grandeur! think you he did wait? … [JK]

Glenn Peirson died too soon, much too soon… Continue reading PRESS RELEASE – I am Keats as you are