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Mary Peirson, Glenn’s wife:

Mary, a physician in the field of public health, loves interior design, architecture, research, music, her wonderful children and running around all over the place for them (!), extended family, reading, creating, cooking, decorating and Lake Huron’s northern shores. http://www.physicianmusician.com

Ellyn Peirson, Glenn’s mother:

Ellyn, formerly a social worker in child welfare and in private practice, loves writing, grandchildren, website/blog work, millefiori glass, photography, Italy, Lake Huron’s northern shores and cooking – in no particular, nor predictable manner, except for the grandkids. http://www.ellynpeirson.com/blog

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  1. Editors’ Note

    Glenn was a man with abundant intellect, compassion, insight, musical and literary talent, and extraordinary humour. His death was a great loss to family, friends, the spiritual, musical, and geographical communities and his patients.

    When Glenn was taken hostage by cancer for a three year journey, he explained very early that this was his “solitary journey.” He suffered greatly in his physical, emotional and social life. He did not suffer spiritually, as this volume of poetry and writings demonstrates.

    His most abiding legacy was what he had written. Ironically, his illness provided the time, context and motivation to fully explore his poetic and prosaic expression. In preparing the book, we scoured three computers for files, found journals, sorted through old letters and had deciphering marathons on some of his oh-he-sure-was-a-doctor handwriting.

    In approaching the daunting task of sifting and ordering, we concluded that his poetry and prose of 2007, 2008 and 2009 must come first as it represents the largest body of work and address his final and extraordinary three year journey.

    Thus, this published book progresses through the “solitary journey” years first. Poetry comes in a section first, and the prose of each year follows the year’s poetry. Then comes the second section, the B.C. (Before Cancer) section, similarly ordered.

    Shortly after Glenn’s death, November 10, 2009, an endowment fund was established to honour Glenn’s love of music. The Dr. Glenn D. Peirson Fund for the Arts – supporting the musical arts in our community – granted its first award to the Guelph Youth Singers in Spring, 2010.

    To learn more about Glenn and the Fund: http://www.physicianmusician.com

    Poetry is about beauty, pure and complicated
    the unfolding of a flower
    the rebirth of a dormant idea
    the retelling of tragedy to Shakespearean intent
    the revealing of personal scars which give access to the ineffable

    from Some words are not for poetry I

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