the rebirth of a dormant idea


My concern is ugliness
not the exploration of such for poetic purpose
nor the need for all poetry to be beautiful
but rather the objective of ugliness for its own sake
whether salacious, violent, abusive, degrading to spirit
exploitive, harmful, absolutely non-edifying
and sadly, as a bottom line, evil

I decry the poem that espouses this ugliness, in all its
guises, manipulative masks, its sheer ugliness
We poets cannot tolerate ugliness as an object and we must
reject evil as a place of poetic residence, though not as part
of a cadenced, explorative journey

Poetry is about beauty, pure and complicated
the unfolding of a flower
the rebirth of a dormant idea
the retelling of tragedy to Shakespearean intent
the revealing of personal scars which give access to the ineffable

from “Some words are not for poetry” in I am Keats as you are

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