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  1. Monica,
    Thank you for your kind comments. Glenn was a great believer in the difference between pain and suffering. That I believe is what drew him to work at Stongehenge. He felt that while pain serves a purpose, suffering is pain without purpose. At Stongehenge he worked to try to relieve suffering so that residents could work through their pain. I’m so glad he was able to help you during a difficult time and indeed we all miss him very much.

  2. I was a client at Stonehenge in 2006, and had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Glenn Peirson. He was kind and supportive, and always made me feel valued and important. He helped me navigate a very difficult period in my life. I have been clean and sober for two years today. Dr. Peirson was a true healer, and I am saddened to hear of his passing. I will not forget him. Monica

  3. Glenn impacted my life in a such a positive way that I cannot even begin to put it into the proper words to convey it to you. I miss him tremendously & although I still do not have the proper words, I want to make an attempt.

    Glenn was much more than my employer, he was a friend, a mentor and one of the greatest teachers that I have ever been privileged to have!

    He liked to keep the work atmosphere light & as stress-free as is possible in this profession. He teased me/us mercilessly on most days and enjoyed watching our reactions! (Of course this was always done with great discretion). Many times he would wait until I was in the washroom (how he knew I was in there I will never know….) at which point he would run up to the door & bang on it, telling me he needed me……NOW! When I rushed out (usually fumbling through the door) to offer my assistance he acted as if he did not know what I was rushing about for!

    I truly believe Glenn made this world a brighter, more positive place. He has helped me to become a better person/mother/nurse and I really wanted you to know this. He really knew what was important to him, his God & his family.

    Thinking of you often,

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